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Tomboy Tools- A Review with Jo Jorgensen

Provide a brief description of your company and the products?

We offer quality hand tools and power tools AND the opportunity to learn how to use them! At our Home Parties our guests are given the chance to ask questions, use the tools, and learn an actual home improvement technique such as mosaic tiling, faux painting or caulking. And yes, some of our tools are Pink for Purpose!!

Provide a brief company history including how long in business and how many consultants in how many countries.

Tomboy Tools was started in 2002 by three women in Denver – good friends who were tired of not being able to find tools that fit the female hand AND someone to show them how to use them! There are approximately 2400 consultants around the country at this time which leaves LOTS of room for growth!!

What is the cost to start up? What comes in the startup kit?

$159 (plus shipping and tax) will get you started in Tomboy Tools! (and right now, until March 31, the Starter Kit is on sale for $129!!) It comes with our Super Stepper, plus several extra tools, the terrific How-To Book and all the collateral items (catalogs, order forms, etc) to get you going! And ME!! (Or whoever’s team you join!)

Are there any additional expenses (startup, yearly renewal, website, etc)?

There is a $15 Annual Renewal Fee and there is a $16.95 monthly fee for a personal website, which is NOT required to have.

How much is the commission on personal sales and downline? How often are consultants paid?

With some wiggle room, the commission is an average of 30% of the Retail Cost. The commission paid on downline is more difficult to tell, easier to show on our chart and can change monthly, depending on your personal retail sales as well as group volume. Commission checks are written monthly, the commission from sales is yours to keep immediately.

What are some of the additional benefits/rewards consultants can earn?

Last year, 23 of us went to Cancun on an all-expenses paid trip! This year several went to Puerto Rico! There are incentive trips to Convention each year. One of the best rewards is learning to be HANDY with tools and home improvement techniques!! Who wouldn’t want to do that and teach others??!

What is your favorite thing about your company?

The size of it has enabled so many of us to become such good friends! I have met and made lifelong friends through Tomboy Tools. The tools are quality, well-made tools that really are made more ergonomic with smaller hands in mind! Our Corporate Office is SO wonderful and willing to work with every one of us who are “in the field”!

What is your favorite product?

Our darn cute, 8V Lithium Ion Impact Drill! Weighs only 1 lb 12 oz and is a powerhouse for its size!!

Have a question? Want more information? Contact me!

Jo Jorgensen
Executive Director
Redmond, OR

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