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A Review of Uppercase Living with Angela Johnson

Provide a brief description of the company

Imagine having the ability to transform your home with the power of words.Words can change our attitudes, influence our behavior, and ultimately inspire us to reach a little higher. At Uppercase Living, we embrace the power of words and offer you an unparalleled approach to home décor.

Uplifting thoughts have a beauty and simplicity that everyone loves. At Uppercase Living, we believe that combining wonderful thoughts with good design can enhance any environment in your home.

Provide a brief description of the products

Uppercase Living specializes in decorative vinyl lettering – a new, unique approach to interior design.

What is the most popular product?

Any of our hundreds of ready-to-order designs which can be color-customized and applied to your walls almost effortlessly.

What is your favorite thing about your company?

I love Uppercase Living because we offer such a new concept in decorating and design. Our expressions and customization tool, called MyDesign™, allows you to make your home and surroundings even more beautiful by making them a statement of you. You can also use our product for gift giving and crafts; what we like to call “Off The Wall” projects! Our products are so versatile – you can even use them outside and on your car if you want!

Provide a brief company history including how long in business and how many consultants in how many countries.

Intrigued by the beautiful and inspirational possibilities of decorative expressions, Inger Erickson, a professional graphic designer and owner of a successful design company, started Uppercase Living from her home with her friend Stephanie Geisler, a professional writer and trainer. The synergy between Inger’s flair for design and Stephanie’s love of language set Uppercase Living in motion. Customers quickly began coming from many different communities, hoping to purchase inspiring expressions to adorn the walls of their own homes. As demand continued to grow, Inger and Stephanie dreamed that they could one day enhance the lives of thousands of families, but realized that they could not continue operating this emerging home-based business on their own.

A highly skilled management team was soon formed and many talented individuals became involved, each bringing significant skills and assets to the organization. Additional financial investment, production facilities, and software technology were all critical components to the growth of this exciting new company.

Since its inception in early 2006, Uppercase Living has quickly become the leading provider of decorative expressions for homes and is now one of the fastest growing party-plan companies in the industry. What started as a dream for two friends has now become a reality. With Independent Demonstrators located across the United States, Uppercase Living is bringing beauty and power of the written word into homes everywhere, making them more wonderful places to live.

What is the cost to start up? Are there any additional expenses? At start up or yearly renewal?

We offer two start up kits:1) The Essentials kit for $149

2) The Essentials Plus kit for $249

Our annual renewal fee is $25 and you can purchase a Premium website, with online ordering capabilities, for $20/quarter or $60/year.

What comes in the start up kit?

The contents of each kit can be viewed by following this link:


How much is the commission on personal sales and downline?

We earn a direct 25% (called Instant Commission) from each order (party, individual, etc.). We also have volume incentives, leadership bonuses and downline commissions. For further review of the business opportunity, you can follow this link:


What is the minimum sales requirements to stay active? Is it monthly, quarterly, etc?

Uppercase Living Demonstrators need to maintain a minimum of $300 in sales each quarter to stay active. As your title changes, the minimum you need to maintain that title does go up; however the active status requirement remains at $300. For further review of the business opportunity, you can follow this link:


How often does the catalog change?

Uppercase Living debuts 2 Idea Catalogs every year; our Spring/Summer edition in January and our Fall/Winter edition in July. Each catalog is available for ordering product from through the end of the year in which it debuts.

Discuss the company support for consultants?

Uppercase Living Demonstrators are given direct access to our home office through our Demonstrator Back Office websites and also via a toll-free telephone number. This is valuable for finding the answers to those every-day questions. For training, the company has implemented regional weekend training sessions that occur throughout the US and we also enjoy a yearly convention held in outstanding locations within the US.

What are some of the additional benefits/rewards consultants can earn?

Throughout the year, Demonstrators are able to earn various Product and Supply Rewards; what we call Living Rewards. The company also has an annual Living Rewards Cruise which Demonstrators can qualify for.

How often are consultants paid?

For instant commissions, our payment comes straight off the top of orders submitted. Demonstrators collect monies from customers/hostesses and then pay the company directly less the 25%, which is kept by the Demonstrator. For volume bonuses, leadership bonuses, and downline commissions, reports are run on or before the 10th of the following month and funds are direct deposited to our accounts.

Have a question? Want more information? Contact me!

Angela Johnson
Uppercase Living
Parker, CO


Charlene Ashworth April 21, 2009 at 6:33 am

I am interested in becoming a consultant please send me some info
Charlene Ashworth
119 Fern Gully Drive
Brunson SC 29911

Charlene Ashworth May 23, 2009 at 9:16 am

I loving making things with my hands and I think I would love this pleas send me some info

Amy May 23, 2009 at 3:08 pm

Hi Charlene, you can also contact Angela via her contact information in the directory http://www.homepartyreview.com/directory/uppercase-living-consultants

I sent her an email about your request as well. In the near future, I’m going to have a form you can use to request information from any home party business on here. Best of luck…


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