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Pink Papaya Parties – A Review with Stephanie Milligan

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Provide a brief description of your company and the products?

Pink Papaya Parties is a California based company. We offer only the highest quality botanically based aromatherapy products, skin care, bath and body, and long wearing mineral makeup. Our products are made in the USA and never tested on animals. Pink Papaya is truly committed to the success of their consultants. The pay plan is generous and the incentives are plentiful.

What is your most popular product?

Everyone loves our color line… Exotic is by far our most popular fragrance (mine also), but rumor has it our new fragrance, Papaya Princess, debuting September 2009 will rival Exotic… I have a hard time choosing a favorite. I love a detoxifying sea salt bath in the relaxing sent of Lavendar Sweet Orange, but I really love my triple defense day time moisturizer as well. Triple Defense, protects, renews, and illuminates your skin. It is great for all skin types.

What is your favorite thing about your company?

Support, support, support. I have never experienced a company where so many women are ready and willing to answer questions and help you succeed. The pay plan is incredibly generous, the incentives are phenomenal, and my upline is truly inspiring. You truly get the feeling that everyone wants you to succeed. Pink Papaya works hard to insure we, as consultants, have the tools to do just that.

What has been your best moment with your company?

I have been in love and excited about Pink Papaya from the get go, but when I had my third new team member in my third week I was thrilled. I don’t even feel like I am working. I get to help women take time out to renew their spirit, help them achieve their goals when it comes to their appearance and sometime their career…. I realized that this company is a blessing to me and my family… It was a great moment.

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Stephanie Milligan
Pink Papaya Parties
Kingfisher, OK

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