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Paperly – A Review by Kelley Gambrell

Provide a brief description of your company and the products?

Paperly offers a wide array of personalized stationery and gifts to fit any occasion. Some of our most popular items right now other than stationery are our iPhone cases, melamine platters, tempered glass cutting boards and clipboards. Our party hostesses are able to earn

great rewards in the form of credit towards their own purchases. And we are always looking for enthusiastic team members to join our Paperly family!

Provide a brief company history including how long in business and how many consultants in how many countries.

Paperly has been around for several years. We currently have approximately 200 consultants in the U.S. Because it is a smaller company relative to some of its home party peers, consultants enjoy the full attention of the home office staff (including the always-helpful CEO, Jay

Rudman)! It’s exciting to feel like you’re in on the ground floor of a growing business!

What is the cost to start up? What comes in the startup kit?

The starter kit is only $99. It includes some business supplies such as catalogs and order forms. It also includes some samples of some of

our paper products (note cards, notepads, gift stickers, etc.). New consultants also get a $30 credit to spend on marketing materials such as business cards or signs. And for their first 40 days as a consultant, they also get 40% off Paperly products so they can acquire samples of other products such as the platters, clipboards, iPhone cases, etc.

Are there any additional expenses (startup, yearly renewal, website, etc)?

If you choose to have a personalized Paperly website, you pay $9.95/month. And if you choose to participate in the company’s e-Newsletter service which sends an email newsletter to your contacts once a month, that service + the personalized website will cost

$13.95/month. When you run out of business supplies (i.e., catalogs, order forms) from your starter kit, you will need to purchase more; however, the goal is for that not to come out of your own pocket. You earn “Paperly dollars” for your sales, and you can use those to

purchase business supplies, marketing materials and more samples!

How much is the commission on personal sales and downline? How often are consultants paid?

Consultants earn 20% commission on their sales and have the opportunity to get additional bonus amounts if their sales reach certain

levels during a calendar month. Once a consultant is promoted to the next level (Rising Star), she or he will earn 22% commission on sales and 5% commission on 1st level downline sales. The commissions on personal and downline sales only go up from there as consultants are

promoted to different levels based on the amount of their sales and size of their downline. Consultants are paid once a month.

What are some of the additional benefits/rewards consultants can earn?

Paperly offers various monetary bonuses for monthly sales levels, lifetime personal and team sales levels, etc. In addition, consultants

earn “Paperly dollars” which can be used to purchase business supplies, marketing materials and samples. And in 2012, Paperly offered consultants the chance to win their first ever incentive trip (a cruise)!

What is your favorite thing about your company?

I love the products first and foremost. . .I wouldn’t be able to sell for a company that didn’t have products I am passionate about. Next, I

love the support system. The home office staff and fellow consultants are always so helpful when I have questions or need ideas. And last, I love that the company is not high-pressure. Of course, they want us all to do well and be successful. But they also know that for many of
us, this isn’t our full-time job. So, they are very flexible and understanding as we try and balance this with full-time jobs or parenting. They do not set unreasonable goals for us to attain.

What is your favorite product?

My favorite products right now are the melamine platters and the tempered glass cutting boards. Both of these items have so many wonderful personalization possibilities to make them a great gift for any occasion. They would look great in anyone’s kitchen!

Have a question? Want more information? Contact me!

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