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H2O at Home- A Review with Melanie Hill

Provide a brief description of your company and the products?

H2O at home offers you a unique oportunity to living chemical free in your home. All of our products are eco-friendly, easy to use, and efficient. No buckets of chemical filled water to lug, less time actually cleaning and the results are the same or better than with traditonal cleaning products. H2O at home also offers a skin care and personal care line that is organic and eco-friendly as well.

Provide a brief company history including how long in business and how many consultants in how many countries.

H2O at Home started in France in 1997. They came to the United States in March of 2009 after years of success in Europe. I just registered the 450th consultant, in the US, yesterday and there are parts of the US that have NO consultants due to the youth of this company. It is a ground floor opportunity!

What is the cost to start up? What comes in the startup kit?

The costs to start are $185.00 plus shipping ($15.00) and tax.
The kit includes
Natural Clay Powder
Heavy Duty Chiffonnette®
White Sponge
Natural All Purpose Cleanser + nozzle
Double Sided Microfiber Sponge
Starlette Microfiber Spnoge
Green Microfiber Kitchen Towel
Twist pump
Natural Dish Soap
Luxury Mop pole
Aluminium Mop plate
Mop Quad
Green Mop
Dusting Mop
Rubber Bristle Brush
White Adaptor
Netepur stain remover soap
Eco-Clean Laundry Ball
Laundry net
Natural Laundry Soap
Window kit
All Purpose Cleaning glove
Essential Chiffonnette® Kit

Business Tool Contents:
Trolley Bag
Advisor Handbook (digital copy)
Recruitment Brochures (10)
Cleanliness Product Catalogs (20)
Wellness Product Catalog (1)
Fresh Start Guide
Invitation Cards (20)
Customer Order Forms
Pack of 5 Host folders & brochures
Customer care cards
Cue cards
Total Value $572.50

Are there any additional expenses (startup, yearly renewal, website, etc)?

Additional expenses to start would all be optional, however, I would recomend folders and pens for each customer attending your GGTs, business cards, and reorder stickers. There is a websit fee of $8.00 per month if you choose to have that for your customers.

How much is the commission on personal sales and downline? How often are consultants paid?

Commissions are paid off the top of your party. Bonus commissions are paid by direct deposit once a month on the 15th of the month. Advisors are paid at 25% and group leaders are paid at 40% of personal sales volume. Bonuses are paid at $1000 and $2000 of PSV. Downline pay is 3-4% of your personally sponsored generation 1 and 2 advisors.

What are some of the additional benefits/rewards consultants can earn?

Earning is easy with H2O at Home! You can earn annual incentive trips to wonderful places like France in 2009 and Mexico in 2010. You can earn product for yourself or your kit. Our fast start program is easy to achieve and can earn up to $450 in credit to use any way you would like the first 30 days as an advisor.

What is your favorite thing about your company?

My favorite part of working for H2O at Home is the fact that I can share my passion for these products with other people who care about the safety of their home and their family! The people I have met are awesome! The other advisors are very fun and helpful. My faborite things list could go on and on.

What is your favorite product?

My favorite product is the Natural Clay Powder! It will clean anything from your stove top(including glass cook tops), to your shower, to tarnished silver, to you car rims and windshield! It is food safe and non-scratching and simply put, AMAZING!

Have a question? Want more information? Contact me!

Melanie Hill
Senior Founding Advisor
Fairbanks, AK

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Melody March 8, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Looking to offer natural ingredient products I am a license nurse and I would like to start an at home business. I have already inquired about several and I did like that with these businesses the customer does not get the choice to decide what they would like to purchase monthly. Being locked into a monthly recurring amount is just logical for customers who may not want to purchase up to 30 or 50 worth of products a month. But are mandated to, I would like more information on this company. I think what you’re offering is great. Can you help? I am ready to start right away.

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