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How to Get Recruits

I love blogging (obviously) but it really can help boost your home party business with customers and recruits. I had a blog for my home party company and it helped my business to quickly grow in a short time. Most of my team was throughout the country and only a small handful were local to […]


Sponsoring Party Plan Distributors Recruiting and bringing in new consultants to your party plan industry is a central focus for every sales distributor. Most direct sales party plan consultants meet the best part of their new consultant leads at the home party.  They then hand the potential rep a business opportunity envelope and in most cases […]


I love Facebook. It’s turned into a bit of an addiction. I’ve connected with old friends and am able to keep in touch with all my long distance friends. It’s great. So I decided why not try using it to help my Home Party Plan Business.

Then I came across this article by Jennifer Fong, Direct Sales expert and former Direct Sales CEO. The title of her article “How NOT to Use Social Media” really grabbed my attention. Here are her top 5 not-to-do’s when using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc to boost your business….


Building your team is typically a fast way to move up the ladder in a home party business. To build that team, you need recruits. But how do you find them? Of course home parties is a great place to showcase how great and profitable your business is BUT the internet can also help you. I built a team of almost 40 consultants and a many of them found me from the internet. Here are a four ways you can recruit on the web…