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How to Get Bookings

With the grim economic outlook, some direct sales consultants are pulling out their hair trying to secure bookings and keep their calendar full. Some of the most experienced consultants are scrambling, buckling down, and “getting back to basics” in an effort to fortify their fading calendar. But the savvy direct sales and home party consultants […]


So you have a party booked.  Great!  Now how can you get more parties on your schedule.  This article by Christie Northrup (aka The Lemonaid Lady) explains how Hostess Gifts can help get your calendar full.  Using Host Gifts as Booking Tools Now that you’ve committed time on your calendar, you can book parties. The best […]

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If you are in Direct Sales, you have probably noticed how popular theme home parties have become. These days hosts are looking for something different. We have all been to those parties where a consultant just stands up there and shows you her business products, but these days, those type of parties are becoming less […]

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Are you having trouble getting bookings this summer?   Well, you don’t have to.  The following article by Julie Ann Jones, direct sales coach and trainer, will give you 7 ideas to jump start your bookings this summer and have a full calendar. *************************** You’ve probably heard that it’s difficult to get bookings during the summer. […]

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Do you avoid catalog shows because they were a “waste of your time”?  Do you feel it wasn’t worth any effort?  You couldn’t be more wrong.  Although you are better off to book a home show, catalog shows are great ways to increase sales as well as market your business.    Deb Bixler, a nationally […]


I love Facebook. It’s turned into a bit of an addiction. I’ve connected with old friends and am able to keep in touch with all my long distance friends. It’s great. So I decided why not try using it to help my Home Party Plan Business.

Then I came across this article by Jennifer Fong, Direct Sales expert and former Direct Sales CEO. The title of her article “How NOT to Use Social Media” really grabbed my attention. Here are her top 5 not-to-do’s when using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc to boost your business….


I absolutely love this suggestion from Julie Ann Jones, Party Plan Expert, and I know it can help your home party plan business too. Many times I’ve had customers think they MAY want to book a party but aren’t sure. They say they’ll let me know and, in many cases, don’t get in touch with […]


Booking games are a great addition to any home party. In addition to helping you get more bookings, it will also entertain the guests. I’ve found that I get a lot more bookings by turning the process into a game instead of simply asking if a guest wants to host a party. Here are a few that I have used over the years…


Looking for tips from the pros on running your home party business? Need ideas on getting bookings, improving your sales or organizing your business? In this post I discuss the book “Build It Big” which is a great book whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro.