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Heritage Makers Review with Patricia Glass

Heritage Makers

Provide a brief description of the company

Heritage Makers is an exciting and timely business for anyone who loves to celebrate life, family, and living. Heritage Makers is an online, self-publishing service that allows you to create beautiful, professionally printed and hardbound storybooks and other high-quality published products. Our goal is to strengthen home and family through the heritage-enriching power of stories in a simple, fun, and rewarding way. Heritage Makers helps people everywhere create beautiful, heirloom quality storybooks which document the priceless relationships, events, experiences… the stories….of life.

For More Information visit www.EasyToMakeBooks.com

Provide a brief description of the products

Products include seven different sizes of custom, hard-bound professionally published books, custom greeting cards, invitations, post cards, posters, calendars and card games. We also offer scanning services for those non-digital prints.

Create all of your Heritage Makers projects in your own password-protected, publishing and creative center, Heritage Studio. The Basic Studio is free to set up. With Studio you can upload scanned and digital photos and documents and make your own projects with no set up, mess, or take down. Our Studio allows you to easily create projects by dragging and dropping your photos onto you page. You also have the option to choose from over 500 templates to get a head start on your project.

Our Premier Studio account offers over 30,000 pieces of beautiful art to use in your projects with more added monthly. Great for the digital Scrapbooking enthusiast!

What is the most popular product?

Our clients love all of our products but the most popular is the various sized storybooks which you create with your own photos and stories.

What is your favorite thing about your company?

The ability to preserve my family stories and photos in beautiful, hard-bound, professionally published books.

Provide a brief company history including how long in business and how many consultants in how many countries.

Heritage Makers was officially launched in March of 2006. We have approximately 4000 independent consultants in the US and Canada.

What is the cost to start up? Are there any additional expenses? At start up or yearly renewal?

To become a consultant you have a choice of one of two starter kits; the Consultant Business Kit for $199.95 or the E-Kit for $99.95. Some consultants choose to also purchase a Kodak High Speed Scanner to compliment their business. A yearly renewal fee of $49.95 is required for maintenance of your consultant website.

Get started by going to www.EasyToMakeBooks.com and clicking on “Opportunities”.

What comes in the start up kit?

The E-Kit comes with your own consultant website, online virtual office, online consultant manual, an 8×8 storybook sample, supply sampler and one month of our Premier Studio Membership. The Business Kit contains the E-Kit Contents plus tote bag, workshop supplies, demo DVD, catalogs, invitations, flyers, buttons, book stands, 3 sample books, Individual page samples, game card sample, and a free credit to apply to your first 8×8 storybook.

How much is the commission on personal sales and downline?

The potential for rewards is truly endless! The Heritage Makers Hybrid compensation plan is a pay for performance system that rewards you for all your business development activities. We provide one of the most generous pay plans, bonus systems and incentive programs in the direct sales industry. Consultants receive 20-30% sales commission, 10-20% trail commissions and shares in performance pools. Personal Sales Bonuses, Team Sales Bonuses, Organization Bonuses, Override Bonuses and Leadership Consistency Pools can provide an additional 20-40%. Common incentives include; Host Incentives, Cash Awards from $500 – $10,000, Car Allowance, National Conventions, Luxury Travel, Regional Events and Professional Training.

What is the minimum sales requirements to stay active? Is it monthly, quarterly, etc?

There is no minimum sales requirements to remain a consultant from month to month. Active consultants are those consultants who achieve $500 in sales monthly. To maintain your downline team, consultants are required to achieve active status once every rolling six months.

How often does the catalog change?

New products are offered periodically. New digital artwork is added monthly for Premier Studio Memberships.

Discuss the company support for consultants?

Consultants have access to personal training from their sponsor and upline director, live webinar training, recorded webinars, consultant manual, online Business Booster seminars, new consultant training, team meetings, message boards, weekly email updates, virtual office announcements and reference materials, monthly company webinars, regional training seminars, leadership roundtables, and annual conferences.

What are some of the additional benefits/rewards consultants can earn?

Free product, monthly Premier Membership, Pool Shares, Cash Awards, Prizes such as TV’s, iPods and gift certificates, and Luxory travel such as cruises and all-inclusive resort vacations.

How often are consultants paid?

Consultants are paid twice monthly.

Have a question? Want more information? Contact me!

Patricia Glass
Heritage Makers Personal Publishing Consultant
Bloomfield Hills, MI

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